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Spa and Wellness Center of Sarvar

Sarvar was chosen to the members of the Royal Spas of Europe as of November 2004.

The new Spa and Wellness Centre of Sárvár opened et the end of 2002 covers an area of 60 000 sq metres and contains a water surface area of 4 100 square metres. All this awaits potential visitors along with numerous healing, health maintenance and recreational services.

The spa provides numerous special services to satisfy all age groups and the complex is capable of meeting not only the requirements of more traditional health remedy seeking visitors but also of families, young people and children.

The facilities listed below are at the disposal of guests all year round:
- Indoor Health Spa Pool 37 °C
- Partly Covered Health Spa Pool 36 °C
- Partly Covered Experience Pool 33 °C
- Toddlers' Splash Pool 30 °C
- Ailments Cure Centre
- Ambulance
- Fitness Centre
- Wellness Centre
- Sauna World
- Beauty Salon
- Various Catering Services

From spring until autumn the following services are available at the disposal of our guests:
-  Multi Functional Beach Pool (1800 m2) which is suitable for swimming and comes complete with a slide
- Wave pool
- Jumping board
- Garden Area (for sunbathing)
- Children's Adventure Pool
- Toddlers' Splash Pool
- Playground
- Sports' Pitches: beach volleyball, small pitch football, petanque (boules)
- Summer Food, Refreshment and Catering Places (Snack-bar, Wellness-bar, Ice-bar)

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9600 Sárvár, Medgyessy F. u. 20.
Tel.: +36-95-520-630, Fax: +36-95-520-650
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