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Sarvar town

Sárvár is a town of Western Hungary with a great past situating on both banks of River Rába being the geographical axis of Vas county in the area of the mouth of Brook Gyöngyös. The town called Sárvár today has been established from several administratively united villages assembled each other. Sárvár was united with Vármellék and Tizenháromváros in 1902, with Péntekfalu and Sár in 1912, and with Rábasömjén in 1968. Oil prospectors found a treasure more valuable than gold in the bowels of the earth in 1961: medicinal water. The spa tourism based on natural resources will be important in the development of the future Sárvár.
On 20th of August, 1968 Sárvár got its town state had been lost in 1871. In the 1970s the town was added new plants and schools. Nádasdy-castle has become the cultural centre of Sárvár since 1978, its renovation. There has been industrial park in the town since 1995.

The main places of interests of Sárvár:
The building complex of Nádasdy-castle is an important element of the town not only in historical point of view. The castle shown on high in the heart of Sárvár and mainly represented with its gatehouse and its arched bridge above the ditch is the part of the national heritage. It is the home of Nádasdy Ferenc museum and it is the intellectual and cultural centre of the town. Sightseeing is practically began here and later the castle can be an excellent orienting point.

An important building of the main square of the town is the catholic Saint Ladislaus Church. The two-level building of the nursery is famous for two things: Géza Gárdonyi taught here and here was the school of Nádasdy.

Starting from the castle to the right there is a park on the place of the castle ditch. Its centuries-old plane-trees accompany the passer-by to the entrance of the Arboretum next to the castle. The street front of the botanical garden with a great past does not play the informer of the nearly ten-hectare natural park. Visitors can relax here for hours getting acquainted with the special species more than a hundred. The artifical lakes fed from Brook Gyöngyös and the statues near the promenades make the excursion in the garden enjoyable.

Touristic programmes:
The town awaits the visitors of Sárvár with programmes suitable for its touristic significance. Significant parts of the programmes are in the inner court of Nádasdy-castle. The international folklore festival with a one-and-a-half-decade-old past is also organized here. The highest point of the programmes humming for almost a week and the most spectacular moment of the gala of August 20 is the procession of the participants in costumes in the streets of the inner town raising carnival mood. Also the castle is connected to the regular international festivals of brass and breed bands, the international meetings of hussars, and the meetings of sung poems-songs raising the spirit of Sebestyén Tinódi called History Days. Closing the season the Simon-Júdás fair should be mentioned being in late autumns with the boothes of half-thousand sellers and the colossal fair whirling. Depending on the weather the surroundings of Rowing Lake and Game Garden can be very enjoyable, where from angling to riding several sports can be done.
The greatest attractive force of the town is naturally the medicinal water famous all over in Europe. Sárvár Spa and Wellness Center of an international level opened in 2002 are awaiting the guests on 55,000 m2 and with more than 3,400 m2 water surfaces, and with several medicinal and recreational services.


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